As Bayland is one of the largest providers of housing within the city of Melbourne, we believe it not only our responsibility to ensure we develop sustainable and affordable housing, but also to support local causes for those people whom need community support. Bayland is proud to sponsor the following charities and is always happy to hear from other parties to further this important initiative.


  • Make A Wish Australia
      Make A Wish Australia

      The Story of Make A Wish Australia

      In 1985, Make-A-Wish Australia started granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Since that time, Make-A-Wish Australia has granted over 8,000 wishes to seriously ill children in Australia.The first wish

      All his life, Christopher James Greicius dreamed of becoming a police officer. This wish was to become the inspiration for the largest wish-granting organisation in the world.

      In 1977, at the age of 5, Chris was diagnosed with leukaemia. Upon learning that Chris’s most cherished wish was to be a policeman, members of the Arizona State Troopers began working to ensure his dream came true. They arranged for Chris to take a flight in a police helicopter, ride in a patrol car and presented him with his very own uniform. He was even sworn in as an honorary member of the force.

      Sadly, Chris passed away shortly afterwards. But the seed had been planted.

      After attending Chris’s funeral, two of the State Troopers reflected on the experience of making his dream come true. They thought that if one boy’s wish could be granted, maybe the same could be done for other children. At that moment, the idea for Make-A-Wish was born.

    • Reach Foundation
        Reach Foundation

        Young people need to be healthy and resilient to meet life’s challenges.

        You’ve probably heard it before: being a teenager can be a pretty awesome time in our lives – but it’s not without its struggles.

        Because of the physical and psychological changes taking place, teenagers can be susceptible to a host of different issues – like mental health problems, stress, school and study challenges, and relationship difficulties.

        We’ve found that teenagers need a place where they can go to talk honestly about what’s going on – about their fears and their dreams – without being judged and with people who understand.

        Reach creates this space for teenagers where everyone, no matter who they are or what their circumstances, can explore their lives and connect with other people they can relate to.

      • Wise Angel Foundation
          Wise Angel Foundation

          Wise Angel Foundation developed out of the Founders desire to use her own experiences to help others. Sahar wanted to be the voice for all women and children who had been silenced by family violence.Her journey was very long, and she vowed that her pain and suffering were not going to go in vain. She promised herself that she was going to expose family violence as a form of terrorism and crime that most people often are too uncomfortable to talk about.